Personal site for an Irken/Umbreon otherkin, soulbonder, furry, and general weirdo. Inspired by old plural/otherkin sites and an interest in the old web.

Check out the page dectorations I've made or my archive of old soulbonding sites.

I support systems; I don't support most of the system community, sysmed replacing gatekeeper, replacing origin terms with -genic ones, or fakeclaiming.

Cute aesthetics don't make up for a vile personality.



After two days the site is still a work in progress but at enough of a point where I feel comfortable sharing it. So far I've added an about, my archive of soulbonding websites, and made a page about my experiences with soulbonding. A page for page decorations has been made but nothing's been added.

To Do

- Make home page look better
- Flesh out the nav bar
- Add background details
- Work on decorations page
- Fix div issues
- Potential page ideas: Furby, rom hacks

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