Personal site for an Irken/Umbreon otherkin, soulbonder, furry, and general weirdo. Inspired by old plural/otherkin sites and an interest in the old web.

Note: while this home page I keep PG, navigating off of this page may result in pages which contain swearing, dark themes, or whatever else.

My opinions expressed on this website are my own and not necessarily those of my system.



>Major visual overhaul with the CSS and some edits to the sidebar, with it now being divided between two on each side, you may need to hard refresh to see it. Renovations to the rest of the pages are soon to follow.


Its been updated more times since today I just kept forgetting to update this tab. Some more art has been added and I added a disclaimer that "My opinions expressed on this website are my own and not necessarily those of my system" because people seem to have a hard time grasping that just because I share a body doesn't mean we're a hivemind. A couple minor tweaks have also been made.


Added pixel art to sidebar done bydoom ant#7731 on Discord, tweaked CSS, more new art added, finally uploaded the stamps I was procrastinating on.


Looser Umbreon discovers the power of models with CSP. New art added.


New art added.


Various updates have been done around the site: including updated sona art and tweaks to the about page, and art's been being added through the past few weeks. The to do section has finally actually been updated, and I went ahead and joined the null webring. I also made an essay page and wrote a thing on self insert.


Coding while donating plasma is doable apaprently. Updated art across the site, updated nav bar, fixed css, tweaked home page, finally added the art page, and uploaded some graphics to be used on the site.


Made some Minor updates to the stylesheet and home page, added a page explaining the kinnie/kff thing and another for the sysmed thing, decided to go for a mature rating just in case though mostly for swearing. Made some plans to make an art page.


After two days the site is still a work in progress but at enough of a point where I feel comfortable sharing it. So far I've added an about, my archive of soulbonding websites, and made a page about my experiences with soulbonding. A page for page decorations has been made but nothing's been added.

To Do

- Flesh out the essays page
- Create sitemap
- Potential page ideas: Furby, rom hacks
- Add more to the soulbond section
- Include social links potentially ?
- Create chatbox

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