On The Kinnie and Kin For Fun Communities

I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone make a more detailed write-up on what's wrong with the term kinnie or kin for fun. I know this is something that might seem ridiculous to people who don't know or care, but understand there's a point where seeing an identity of yours be mis-represeted continually and be the butt end of jokes gets frustraiting. This is a page to explain that and also just because this is my site and I'll go on rants if I want to. If anyone wants me to write something that's less cynical and more PG let me know since I don't know how needed this is.

For those who aren't kin and stumbled on this, welcome. The kin community has existed since the 1960s and hit the internet in the 1990s, there's some fuckwild history and this is the most recent one.

I'll start with kin for fun because that grants the most context for what's up with the term kinnie. Kin for fun refers to people who say shit like "I kin for fun" or "I don't kin that seriously, these are just characters I relate to". So what's wrong with that? It's mostly just that that isn't what kin is, kin is where you identify as something nonhuman or from fiction and that's actually you. It's not something you can explicitly choose to do and that idea and the use of kin as a verb most likely came from anti-kin in discourse.

To go over more specific examples.
-It forces people who are kin out of the label. There isn't an alternative for fictionkin in particular, which is why it's especially frustraiting. Meanwhere there are terms for relating for a fictional character - fictionhearted and synpath, and terms for chosen identities - otherlinking and fictionheir. I've also seen people who are kff realize it's wrong and try to push for some changing of the label. I've seen people openly admit that kin for fun are given more of a voice because they're less weird and more socially acceptable to them than people who actually identify as these things.
-For a specific example: Normal Horoscopes. It looks like either posts relating to this were deleted or maybe they're not showing because my system blocked them, but we were there for this and other people can attest to that. At one point the blog started to say some anti-kin stuff, I can't remember the exact specifics but it eventually escallated to calling all godkin white and accusing a deitiykin POC of lying about their race. This caused them to get accused of racism for calling a POC white, the messages they were getting mentioned it was the racism, and they still turend around and blamed it on kin. The while they were refusing to engage with actual kin trying to expalin what was going on and calling them crazy and saying that they were cool with kin for fun because they weren't like them. I managed to find an ask we got around the time that explains the situation pretty well. Fun fact this is also where the phrase "otherkin wizards" came from.
-Calling people who are actually kin delusional or crazy is also up there and one I've experienced a few times. We've seen Discord servers in particular claim to be "kin friendly" but they only mean kff, if you go in saying you actually identify as that thing then you get some ableist comments towards you, and most of the time they aren't even trying to be a honeypot. I don't mind it and I'm more than used to it but you really can't get more blatant than that.

While I'm at it I'll also drop a link to information on the Yandere Bitch Club. They can be considered the precursor to kin for fun and "kinnies" as I'll get into in a moment.

Now for the term kinnie. I need to preface this with this because people have less brain cells than a cardboard box: I am not saying it's a slur. The word kinnie is not a slur. "This term has a controversial history and isn't a good thing to refer to the community with and a point tht I am uncomfortable with people who refer to themselves with the term" does not equal a slur.

Getting into it, It's a term that came from anti-kin and the now deleted only-on-tomblr blog. The term's still used by anti-kin and on a forum I don't want to mention in case it shows up in a web search, but you get my gist. It's a term meant to be an insult basically.

Now you may be wondering how we got to the point where it started to be used by kin for fun. It is because people on the kff side, be it a troll or someone being genuine I can't tell, started saying kinnie is a "horrible slur directed towards otherkin as a result of kinphobia". Yes, actually. This isn't to say every kff belives it's a slur, but that's where it started to be used by them. The term kinnie was actually used for a bit to refer to the kff community in between "Tumblrkin" and kff, so the term is that overlapped with the kff community by this point.

Every so often I see legitimate kin talk about "reclaiming" the term, but the thing is they already tried to do that. If you say "I'm reclaiming kinnie" there's no way to tell if it's a person who actually believes it's a slur or just trying to take it back from kff. As I see it, at some point the term is just better left to rot and be left as a cautionary warning akin to Yandere Bitch Club or the kin race discourse.