On Sysmed

I wanted to make a writeup on this because I feel like when people hear me or people in my system critsizing the term sysmed they think that we are system gatekeepers, but this is not the case. This might get transfered for our system's main site or remain hosted here. I wote this quickly before switching out so it will probably be edited at some point.

Sysmed was created by endogenic and trans systems to compare transmedicalism and system gatekeeping around the time when movements to pushback against transmeds such as "trendercore" started to take form. This is a fair comparisson, and my system did participate in thoes discussions when they started since we're a trans system harmed by gatekeeping and transmeds. Unforuntunately though our blog which had that is long gone so we have no sources on these disucssions except our memories.

The problem is this term was made as a comparisson for a specific intersection meant as a discussion. Not every system or person can make this comparisson. It's not a fair replacement for terms like system gatekeeper, syskeeper, pluralantagonist, or plural exclusionist. It might be short, but it's intended to be a loaded term for trans systems to compare a types of bigotry. System gatekeeper/syskeeper still works perfectly fine.

My and much of my system's views on it isn't that sysmed isn't a term which shouldn't be used, but that it's better kept as a comparisson by and for trans systems and it becomes very innacurate as a general term for gatekeeper.

I see claims that the med suffix isn't exclusive to transmeds, but I think when the med suffix comes up it's a little too generous. System gatekeepers might think they're following the medical model but they usually aren't. Trauma isn't listed as a criteria within the DSM and there are studies which have been conducted on endogenic systems. "Medicalists" doesn't seem applicable when there are studies on created system members but this is a group which still denies their existance or right to terminology.

There also comes an issue with who picked it up. It was heaivly popularized by Plural Hub, which is a long subject so I'll only link this post for now. It was also popularized by systems looking for a replacement for traumascum. Though these aren't representatative of everyone who uses the term sysmed I thought it was worth bringing up as they can be associated.