Soulbonding Sites Archive

While diving through old websites I noticed that there were a large amount of soulbonding websites which were undocummented. The purpose of this is to have a resource which lists all of the ones I've been able to find that have been archived.

If you're curious about old alterhuman or other plural sites, people in my system have a page which documments some.

.S O U L Whispers - The oldest soulbonding website that we know of that's actually still up. It's been up since about 2004 and contains a lot of good information. - Soul Whispers seems to have moved to here. Not exclusively soulbonding, but still has some interesting things.
Shining Half - A personal site which included soulbonding from about 2001-2004, captures after 2004 have the soulbonding removed.
The Nothing Network - A much more spiritual-focused site which ran from about 2002-2005 that does have some soulbonding and essays.
Sword and Serphent Cavern - Their FAQ at least. This was an EZBoard community which ran in about 2004. Seems to be a sister site to Soulbond Sanctuary, but I couldn't find a capture of it.
Soul Puppetry - A parody website poking fun at soulbonding. Seems to be more parody and advising caution than anti-soulbonding.
Kurai Soulbonding - Another information page which lasted 2002-2009 trying to push soulbonding to not be taken seriously. Bonus ancient soulbond drama!
I soulbond, do you? - An old soulbonding page from 2001.
Child of Mana - A 2001 soulbonding and anime fan-site. Includes a precursor to Soul Whispers.

Soulbonding Livejournal - A LJ community archived from 2002-2004.
Soul Assemblage - Another soulbodning LJ community archived from 2005.
Soulbond Webring - A 2002 Webring, not every site can be accessed but a few can.

More Recent Sites
Soulbonder Tumblr - A soulbonding Tumblr which was my introduction to soulbonding back in 2016. Soulbonding - Some good articles on soulbonding from 2016.
Soulbonding Help - A still active (as of 2021) Tumblr blog for soulbonding.
FromFiction Tumblr - A still active (as of 2021) Tumblr blog for soulbonding, fictionkin, and simialr concepts. like the current incarnation of the Soulbonder Tumblr and website.
The Living Library - A soulbonding forum and informational website which went down in 2018.