Name: Dervish
Age: 20
Species: Irken/Umbreon
Gender: Agender
Prnnouns: He/him

Hobbies: Programming, drawing, video games
Interests: Old web, robots, Furbys, electronic music/EDM, rom hacks

I'm in a system. I'm not the "owner" of this body by any means nor am I the most frequent fronter. I prefer kin and therian terminology to fictive and plural terminology for my identity.

We're a web development student. We aren't very good at it but I'll take the skills to make my shitty website.

I participate in furry because it vibes with me in my nonhuman identity.

I guess I'll add this here: I'm kin. I'm aware of the history and I'm against "kinnies" and the kin for fun community.