Name: Dervish or Irkeneon
Age: 21
Species: Irken and Umbreon
Gender: Agender
Pronouns: He/him

Interests Hobbies: Bad web design and programming, drawing, gaming, furry kind of Video Games: Pokemon ROM hacks, Pokemon, Gameboy games, Ace Attorney, Spore games, Don't Starve, Minecraft Music: Patient Zero, Lemon Demon, Creep-P, Creature Feature, Mother Mother, Nero's Day at Disneyland Toys: Furby, Webkinz, Bakugan

I'm in a system. I'm not the "owner" of this body by any means nor am I the most frequent fronter. I prefer kin and therian terminology to fictive ones but I flip back and forth with how I feel about the therian label. I'm also otherhearted and maybe dragonhearted or wolfhearted but currently I don't know.

We're a web development student. I'm still working on my coding skills, they aren't good. This website was my first project so a lot of it is rough.

I participate in the furry fandom because it vibes with me in my nonhuman identity. My fursona is just how I look in the headspace but cooler.